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Why advertise in the VehLux luxury car dealers directory?

If you own or manage a luxury dealership in the US you are going to want to be listed in the VehLux luxury car dealer directory. There are many benefits to having a listing in our huge directory of luxury car dealers.

1.All listings are search engine friendly

Which means our listings provide a very valuable link to your website and we all know how important links from authority sites are. Oh, did we mention our directory is an automotive authority site? VehLux is the original luxury car dealer directory and has over 1,000 luxury dealerships listed and hundreds of pages of luxury related content and we add more of both daily.

2. Luxury car buyers use and trust Vehlux

 To find and research luxury car dealers in their local area, Luxury car buyers use and trust Vehlux. Car buyers can search by a variety of criteria including brand, zip code and state. Once a luxury car buyer finds a local luxury car dealership they can read more about that luxury dealer within their enhanced listing. Luxury car buyers can visit the dealer’s website to browse inventory and more. If you don't have a VehLux directory listing our luxury car buyers will never find you.

3. VehLux is a highly optimized website.

VehLux engaged Single Throw Internet Marketing to develop and optimize this website. Single Throw is one of the top Internet marketing firms in the country and is dedicated to keeping VehLux in the top of the search engine results which means you can benefit from our enhanced search engine listings.

4. We have the traffic.

VehLux has thousands of luxury car buyers visiting our website daily not to mention the thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers that engage with us in the social media space every day. Our visitors, our fans, our followers could be your next customer.

5. VehLux is the only luxury car dealer directory of its kind.

It is also the only automotive dealer directory that highlights the dealership as opposed to the car. Let’s face it; the car is the same no matter who sells it. What matters most to a buyer is who they buy their vehicle from.

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