Auto Marketing Conference Keynote

Larry Bailin, Best-Selling Author and CEOThe Digital Dominance Conference is proud to announce, Best-Selling Internet Marketing Author, Larry Bailin as the opening Keynote speaker!

Time: 9:30 am Duration: 50 minutes

Title: Clicking Ass!™ - The New Art of Getting What’s Yours… Customers 

Presented by Best-Selling Author, Professional Keynote Speaker and CEO, Larry Bailin

In some realms of life, school yard bullies really do have it right. Ready to rule the playground? Then you’d better learn to Click Ass, because what you think you know, will not get you where you need to go in the competitive automotive marketing space.

You know those guys that walk into your dealership and call themselves Internet experts and social gurus? Well our keynote speaker, Larry Bailin is who they want to be when they grow up! He was called “one of the top minds in the business” by Yahoo’s marketing team and now he’s here to break down walls, show you who’s right and who’s wrong and teach you what you really need to know to succeed.

Learn what it takes to “Click Ass” and get what’s yours from a true pioneer and expert in the Internet marketing space, humorous motivational business speaker Larry Bailin.

Larry will help you take a hard look at everything from SEO to social, websites to videos, mobile to display and then some! He’ll cover what works, what doesn’t, and give you the tools you need to become a Click Ass marketer.

If you’re not there, you can bet your competitor will be. One way or another this keynote will change your business so set two alarms, lay out your clothes the night before and leave the house early, you don’t want to miss this powerful keynote.

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