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Internet Marketing Conference Panel 1: Social Media Dominance

Time: 10:30 AM Duration: 60 minutes

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram…Do they provide a return to your dealership? Is your Facebook EdgeRank high or low? Is your social strategy leveraging the proper data to create maximum engagement? How do you know which social media platforms will deliver the best customers to your dealership? Do you know about Facebook’s new Graph Search, why everyone’s talking about it and what it means to your dealership?

Our expert panelists will drive home all the information you need to make educated decisions about your social media marketing.

This class will take the mystery out of social and show you how to succeed in the ever-changing social space. Learn what is important, what’s not and where your social efforts will pay the biggest dividends.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Jennifer Patterson: Social Media Expert and VP Client Services, Single Throw Internet Marketing
    • Topic: An in-depth look at the must use social sites and how to make the most of each.
  • Lee Eagle: Senior Account Executive, Wildfire, a division of Google
    • Topic: Engaging with your audience
  • Michael Stewart: Corporate Marketing Associate, DCH Auto Group
    • Topic: Social balancing act. Melding the group and the dealership brand in social media.
  • Dave Aziz: Social Media Specialist, Advance Digital

Internet Marketing Conference Panel 2: Display Advertising Dominance

Time: 11:40 AM Duration: 40 minutes

Display advertising is one of the fastest ways to waste a tremendous amount of money… If it’s not done correctly. When done correctly, display advertising can yield HUGE RETURNS! Display advertising offers a dealership more opportunities to connect with potential car buyers than ever before.

Some of the biggest mistakes dealerships make are in the display space. Improper retargeting / remarketing strategies, poor and expensivead placements and non-memorable ads just to name a few. A proper display strategy can cost you less and make you more!

Do you want to dominate in this space? Attend this groundbreaking class and learn how to succeed from the real experts in display. Learn the best Display Advertising practices to make sure your dealership is always at the top of your target audience’s mind.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Eric Bercarich: Sales Manager,
    • Display Advertising for the Customer (not the Dealer)
  • Anthony Chiaravallo: Display Marketing Specialist and Senior Consultant, Single Throw Internet Marketing
    • Remarketing, A second chance to make a first impression

Internet Marketing Conference Panel 3: Video Marketing Dominance

Time: 1:30 PM Duration: 30 minutes

Would it surprise you to know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Would it surprise you to know that most auto dealers aren’t gaining all of the value possible from their videos? Did you know that top companies are using video in their websites, social platforms, landing pages and even in their display advertising!

Using video with your digital marketing strategy gives your auto dealership a HUGE opportunity to connect with potential customers and stand out from the competition in a way that nothing else can. Video is as close to face-to-face as it gets online, so it’s imperative you do video right.

Properly structured, planned and optimized video will greatly increase the chances of a customer choosing you over a competitor. Learn how to ensure that your videos have the right message and can be found by potential customers.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Glenn Zimmerman: Video Production Expert and President, Mad Bear Productions
    • Topic: How to create videos that sell and tell (a story)
  • Megan Baker: Video Marketing Expert and Team Manager, Single Throw Internet Marketing
    • Topic: Who’s watching you? Where and how to use video online to increase the chances of success

Internet Marketing Conference Panel 4: Mobile Marketing Dominance

Time: 2:10 PM Duration: 30 minutes

Are you ready for the next wave of, “in the moment” marketing.

Fact: There are approximately 310 million people in the United States, and about 235 million of these people use mobile devices. Of that 235 million people, there are at least 165 million active Android and Apple iOS devices in the U.S., and these devices are used by 78% of the adult population. 

If you have not already implemented a mobile marketing strategy, now is the time to do so! A recent analysis predicted that by 2015, there will be more local searches coming from smartphones than PCs in the United States. Learn how to effectively reach your potential customers through their mobile devices and dominate the mobile marketing space.

Do you need a mobile website or a mobile app? Are QR codes right for you? Is your marketing team prepared for the flood of “in the moment” car buyers? Does your dealership connect properly on smartphones and tablets with the right messages?

Learn all this and much more in this must attend class!

Speakers / Panelists

  • Jeff Hobbs: Senior Product Manager, Advance Digital
    • Topic: Mobile marketing opportunities and pitfalls
  • Adam Gold: VP of Sales, ScanLife
    • Topic: The power of QR code marketing

Internet Marketing Conference Panel 5: Pay-Per-Click / Search Advertising Dominance

Time: TBD Duration: 30 minutes

Would you be surprised to know that your average auto dealer wastes tens of thousands of dollars per year on ineffective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs? Would you be surprised to know that studies have shown that auto groups waste hundreds of thousands per year? It’s true, and it can be changed. Did you know that with a little thought and strategy not only can your dealership attract more leads and make more money, you can do for less than your competitor’s while bidding on the same phrases!

A PPC and Search Advertising campaign is one of the fastest ways bring valuable traffic to your dealership’s website. When properly implemented, it can drive extremely qualified leads to your dealership’s website that can ultimately be converted into paying customers.

Learn the best ways to effectively utilize a solid PPC and Search Advertising campaign to ensure that you are allocating your marketing spend wisely to allow you to watch those qualified leads roll in and increase your bottom line.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Heather Brousell: Paid Search Expert and Search Advertising Lead, Single Throw Internet Marketing
    • Topic: Top ten ways to save BIG MONEY and get MORE LEADS in PPC
  • Taylor Treese: President, MediaTrax

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Internet Marketing Conference Panel 6: Search Engine Optimization Dominance

Time: 3:30 PM Duration: 50 minutes

When someone has purchase intent, when they start the buying process, they start with search. Search engines represent the best and biggest opportunity to drive qualified leads to your front door and must be treated as such!

According to a recent study, Americans alone conducted 20.3 billion searches in just one month in 2011. Imagine how much that number has grown in the last year and a half!

Search Engine Optimization Dominance is a sure-fire way to make sure that your target audience is easily finding your dealership in search results. This panel will provide you with the information, tips and tools to help you stand out among the competition.

Does your search engine optimization strategy focus on showing up for your dealership name and town? If so, you just made your competition very happy. You have the wrong strategy and you need to attend this class.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Dan Beldowicz: Internet Marketing Expert and VP Business Development, Single Throw Internet Marketing
    • Topic: Achieving local search dominance
  • Danielle DeCarlo: SEO Specialist and Team Lead at Single Throw Internet Marketing
    • Topic: Top SEO mistakes every dealership makes
  • John Carcutt: Director SEO & Social Media, Advance Digital
    • Topic: Implementing a search strategy that works

Internet Marketing Conference Panel 7: Dominant Dealers Speak

Time: 4:30 PM Duration: 30 minutes

This auto internet marketing conference is all about dominating the competition and utilizing your internet marketing strategies wisely and effectively. Hear from some of the leading NJ area dealerships during the Dominant Dealers Speak panel as they discuss their strategies and how properly implementing these strategies has helped them increase their bottom line.

Representatives from dealerships such as Brad Benson Auto Group, Ray Catena Auto Group and BMW of Freehold will be talking about really standing out within the automotive industry by doing things their competitors aren’t and how this has paid off for them. These dealerships are truly dominating the online space and have even saved tens of thousands of dollars by moving from what is considered the “norm” in internet marketing strategies.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Dave Cantin: Vice President, Brad Benson Auto Group
    • Topic: Being different. How working outside normal conventions pays big dividends.
  • Doug Wells: President and General Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn
    • Topic: Digital is not traditional. Taking a trusted brand to a digital world
  • Michael Stewart: Marketing Manager, DCH Auto Group
    • Topic: Social balancing act. Melding the group and the dealership brand in social media.

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World Class Speakers at this Internet Marketing Conference
World Class Speakers at this Internet Marketing Conference
World Class Speakers
World Class Speakers at this Internet Marketing Conference
World Class Speakers at this Internet Marketing Conference
World Class Speakers at this Internet Marketing Conference
World Class Speakers at this Internet Marketing Conference

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