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Tips and Advice About Luxury Cars and Luxury Car Dealers

What you need to know when shopping for a luxury cars online

When it comes to luxury cars, there is no shortage of information and advice on the web. We scour the internet to find the best advice about luxury cars and luxury car dealers to share with you in hopes that you’ll share it with others. Best case scenario, VehLux visitors submit their own tips and advice that we can post here on the site for other luxury car buyers to read and share.

How to buy luxury cars

So many luxury cars, so many payment options, but which is best for you? We have no idea - but we know who does. We've gathered information from many sources, luxury car manufacturers, luxury car dealers, finance specialists and many others. We have a collection of articles, interviews and videos detailing all of the different ways to purchase your luxury cars.

How to lease luxury cars

Is a luxury car lease the right choice? There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to lease your luxury car. From the amount of driving you plan on doing to the amount of money you plan on spending, there is a lot to think about.

A luxury car lease is great for many reasons. You have options with a luxury car lease. For example, getting a new luxury car every few years is never a bad thing.

A luxury car lease for three years or less typically means you'll seldom be without a warrantee and with the electronics in today's advanced luxury cars, that alone can save you thousands in repair costs.

At the end of a three year luxury car lease, if you’ve really fallen in love with your luxury cars (it happens) you have the option to purchase it. The great thing about luxury cars is they typically have a high residual and maintain their value.

Did you know that a luxury car lease may make sense even if you are a high mileage business driver? Leasing a luxury car for business makes sense. A percentage of the lease is deductable and you will have to consult with your accountant for the specific details but in some cases over 80% of the lease can be claimed (again, seek financial advice from a professional such as your accountant for exact figures related to your specific situation).

Today's hi-tech luxury car is full of advanced electronics and we're not just talking about satellite radio, MP3 player interfaces, GPS and backup cameras. Advanced technology runs all throughout a luxury car from computers that help keep the vehicle at peak performance levels to advanced breaking systems and emission controls. Advanced technology is integrated into every inch of a luxury car and it can become incredibly costly should some of its advanced electronics breakdown.

A luxury car lease allows you to, in most cases never be without a warranty and that's comforting in the instance that something should break or malfunction.

A high mileage luxury car lease will cost you more per month but the benefits may actually save you thousands over the life of the lease. Speak to your local luxury car dealer and your accountant to see if a luxury car lease is right for you.


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